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Bag Tags For Less is your choice for customized and personalized bag tags and other plastic card products.  Here are some more bag tag ideas. Come up with an original Bag Tag Idea and we will send you a free bag tag sample.

Camera Bag Tags - Let them know you are not just a great photographer, but also a member of the camera club or press club.

Camping Gear Bag Tags - Our rugged bag tags labels all your camping bags.  When you go out for a hike, make sure your gear is marked so that when someone else finds it on the trail, they know how to find you.  Have all your gear tagged for easy transport when you fly.

Company Event Bag Tag -  Reward and recognize your high achievers with a personalized custom bag tag that lets everyone know she is a member of the Presidents club, has successfully completed a training program, or is a high achiever.  These company bags announce that you are a member of the club.

Convention Speaker Bag Tag Pass: You will need a Speaker Bag Tag pass to get behind the scene at the convention.  Can be used as a VIP baggage tag for hosted convention events, classes, and spouse programs.  Include a spouse bag tag and spouse program will be remembered for years.

Diaper Bag Tags - very popular item with churches and day care centers.  Jesus loves me bag tags can be customized with your favorite psalm.  Promote your day care center with our day care bag tags.  Everywhere the mom goes with her diaper bag, so goes your day care center.   They also make a fantastic baby shower gift.  Also use these for your stroller.

Fishing Bag Tags - When I am working along the beach, or an island;  I like to leave most of my gear in the golf cart or back at the condo or at a quiet spot along the beach.  I take along a light weight bag.  The tackle box bag tag is perfect way to mark my tackle box so that some beach comer does not confuse my tackle bag with a piece of driftwood. 

Golfer's Bag Tag - This is the perfect idea for your next corporate golf outing.  Send everyone home with their own personalized golf bag tag commemorating the event.  Create special awards to personalize each bag tag, list members of the foursome on each golf bag tag.  These are great tee prizes for your next golf outing.  Aside from our economical standard bag tags, we can make wood golf bag tags, metal golf bag tags, and just about any shape or size you desire.  We know golf tournament bag tags.

Ladies Tennis Bag Tags - Every sports enthusiast needs a sports bag tag for their gear.  Of course the ladies Tennis Team needs fashion coordinated tennis bag tags... one for your shoe bag, and one for each racquet bag. Tennis clubs will want to use tennis bag tags to promote their club.

Licensed Bag Tags for your College or University - Looking for a new great new product to sell in the campus book store.  Licensed bag tags featuring your school's sports steams are a great item for raising funds and also supporting the team.  Every freshman will want to proudly return home with their luggage secured by the official university bag tag.  In addition to being a hot campus book store item, our college bag tags make perfect fund raisers, and also are wonderful gifts for incoming athletes.

Musical Instrument Band Bag Tag - Every musical instrument rental company needs a classy instrument bag tag to identify your rental company, the instrument brand, the type of musical instrument, the serial number, and the owner or renter of the musical instrument.  Each musical instrument bag tag can be customized with a picture of your band or orchestra, and the name of identification of the student responsible for the instrument.

Pet Bag Tags - Let Spotty know you love him when he has his travel facilities marked with his personalized doggy bag tag.  These make great door prizes or awards for dog shows.  If Rex stays home when you travel, use a pet bag tag so everyone knows you are an animal lover.

Specialized Bag Tag applications - You can add consecutive Numbering, Bar Coding, and Picture ID's to your custom bag tag order.  We can very likely do anything to your bag tag that you can imagine.  We can make secure bag tags with a photo ID, magnetic stripe bag tag, and even RFID bag tags for tracking assets.  We can do personalized shapes and sizes.  At Bag Tags For Less we know bag tags... It's what we do.

Summer Camp Bag Tag - What better way to promote your summer camp than by having this year's attendees tag their back pack with your official camp Bag Tag.  Backpack bag tags are very popular.

Swim Team Bag Tag - These swimmers bag tags feature swimmers time charts to answer these questions:   Do your swimmers know their times? Do they know what it takes to make a National Age Group "B" cut or a "AA" cut? What is their goal for the current swim season? 

Tidal Bag Tags - These Fisherman bag tags feature the high tide and low tide for the month.  They make great promotional items for fishing charter captains, tackle shops, and boat rental companies.

Check out our line of Personalized Sports Bag Tags below:

Baseball Baseball Basketball Basketball Football Football
Golf Golf Bag Tags Gymnastics Gymnastics Hockey Hockey
Soccer Soccer Bag Tags Softball Softball Bag Tags Volleyball Volleyball Bag Tags

No job is too small or too large. Tell us what you need and one of our sales consultants will walk you through the job and the price. We even have a staff of graphic designers to assist you in bringing out the best design for your application.

We know bag tags. It's what we do!

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Sports Bag Tags Event Credentials Luggage Tags Company Badges Team Photo Tags
Sports Bag Tags Event Credentials Luggage Tags Company Badges Team Photo Tags
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